Carlsbad, California

ShipCalm functions as a third party logistics company in San Diego, primarily focused on inventory management and assisting to resolve clients’ issues outside the realm of a “pick-and-pack” 3PL. Our services are specialized to client-specific manufacturing cycles to guarantee the right amount of inventory is consistently on-hand.

As an agency, we do not believe in any service fees relating to onboarding, warehousing, or processing. Your invoice is simply the rate multiplied by volume—straightforward and predictable.

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ShipCalm was founded by a team of branding, manufacturing and eCommerce experts. We understand, firsthand, the complexities of growing an online business—for that reason, we have streamlined the shipping-logistics process to encourage ease of use, reliability, and speed. We allow entrepreneurs to focus exclusively on growing their business, while entrusting us to deliver an exceptional customer experience.