Aluminum Can

A cylindrical aluminum can used for beverages.

Minimum Quantity
1 Pallet
Also Known As
  • Brite Can
  • Beverage Can
  • Soda Can
  • Beer Can

Aluminum cans commonly used for storing and transporting beverages such as soda, beer, and energy drinks. The can is typically made from a single piece of aluminum that is shaped into a cylinder with a top with a top lid to sealed during canning. The can is lightweight, durable, and easily recyclable, making it a popular choice for packaging. It allows for 360° degree decoration with various graphics and logos to differentiate between different brands or flavors.

Why choose it?
  • Sustainable, highly recyclable
  • Can add either a label, shrink sleeve, or direct digital or offset print
Why not?
  • Custom offset printed cans have a 1 truckload minimum


Available Properties

Sustainability Options

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