Flat Bottom Pouch

A five-sided, free-standing pouch with a flat, rectangular base.

Minimum Quantity
500 Pouches
Also Known As
  • Box Pouch

A popular pouch that combines the benefits of a side gusset pouch and stand up pouch; sits narrow on the shelf, does not tip over, and has a flat base like a carton or box.

Why choose it?
  • 5 sides for custom branding
  • Uses less material than stand-up pouches
Why not?
  • Costs more than other flexible packages
  • Labor intensive, thus many US manufacturers don't produce it


Size (W • D • H)QuantityLanded CostLead Times

Coffee Bag 8oz - 12oz PET/AL/LLDPE - 140 μm8 colors

4.5in • 3in • 8in10,000$0.3060 days

Coffee Bag 8oz - 12oz RECYCLABLE PE/EVOH+PE8 colors

4.5in • 3in • 8in10,000$0.4260 days

Coffee Bag 8oz - 12oz COMPOSTABLE PT/VM Kraft/PLA8 colors

4.5in • 3in • 8in30,000$0.4460 days

These are averages of our last orders. Prices can be +- 25% and lead times can be shortened depending on customization, size, materials, and shipping location.


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