Pressure Sensitive Label

Self-adhesive label that requires pressure to form a bond.

Minimum Quantity
50 Labels
Also Known As
  • Self-Adhesive Label

Used everywhere from toys to beer cans, flexible packaging, corrugated boxes, food containers, medical products, and durable materials. It is made up of three layers: a face stock, an adhesive, and a release liner. Depending on application, a face stock can be made of plastic film or paper. Adhesives for cold and wet application. Sustainable release liners available.

Why choose it?
  • Extremely versatile; used with any type of material, custom shapes and sizes, embellishments for a luxury look
  • Cost effective compared to direct printing
  • Digital printing allows for shorter runs
  • Highly resistant to direct sunlight and moisture
Why not?
  • When applied to aluminum cans, affects it's recyclability
  • Can cost more than custom flexible packaging


Size (L • W)QuantityLanded CostLead Times

12oz Aluminum Can White BOPP

8in • 3.5in100$1.0210 days

16oz Aluminum Can White BOPP

8in • 5in25,000$0.097510 days
75,000$0.0820 days

These are averages of our last orders. Prices can be +- 25% and lead times can be shortened depending on customization, size, materials, and shipping location.


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