Stand-Up Pouch

A two-sided, free-standing pouch with a bottom gusset.

Minimum Quantity
500 Pouches
Also Known As
  • Doypack
  • Doyen Pouch
  • Bottom Gusset Pouch

Ideal container for a variety of solid, liquid, and powdered foods, as well as non-food items. Wide variety options ranging from zippers, degassing valve, clear windows, tear notches, hang holes, and laser scoring. These preformed pouches are easily filled and the top is heat-sealed.

Why choose it?
  • Ample surface area for branding and custom print
  • Less cost and material than bag-in-a-box containers, cartons, or cans
  • Saves money on space and freight
Why not?
  • Laminated materials are difficult, if not impossible, to recycle
  • The most common type of flexible packaging


Available Properties

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