Water-Activated Tape

An adhesive on a paper backing which becomes sticky when moistened.

Minimum Quantity
5 Rolls
Also Known As
  • Gummed Tape
  • Paper Tape

Paper-based tape that forms a strong, tamper-evident bond to corrugated boxes and paper packaging. Ideally, it is used with a water-activated tape dispenser that activates the adhesive for faster box assembly. Seal can hold up to 60lbs. For a heavier packages, tape is available with reinforced strands.

Why choose it?
  • Durable and versatile, can be an affordable substitute to custom boxes
  • High customizable, full coverage design
  • Fast fulfillment, only one strip needed
Why not?
  • Fiberglass strands make tape not recyclable or compostable
  • Many 3PLs will not use custom tapes


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